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Academic Ethos

We are extremely proud of the results achieved by our students in Summer 2023:


  • 98% of students achieved the Good Level of Development Standard

Year 1

  • 99% of students passed or exceeded the phonics test

Year 2

  • Reading: 93% achieved or exceeded the expected standards
  • Writing: 92% achieved or exceeded the expected standards
  • Mathematics: 97% achieved or exceeded the expected standards

Year 6 

  • Reading: 93% achieved or exceeded the expected standards
  • Writing: 98% achieved or exceeded the expected standards
  • Mathematics: 100% achieved or exceeded the expected standards
  • SPG: 99% achieved or exceeded the expected standards

There are many reasons why you would want your child to attend East Lane Primary School. Learning is one of the most important journeys your child will ever embark on. We will endeavour to build strong foundations by having high expectations that challenge, inspire and cultivate a love of learning. Students are expected to achieve high levels of academic standards at every stage of their education.  

We want you to choose our school because you have similar values and that you will support us in helping to get the best for your child. East Lane Primary School is oversubscribed and we have a waiting list. Wembley High Technology College currently receives 1500+ applications for 210 places in Year 7. If your child attends our primary school, your child will be able to progress into the very successful high school.

East Lane Primary School has strong links with Wembley High Technology College and North Brent School. The ethos of excellence, high aspirations and expectations permeate every aspect of East Lane Primary School. East Lane Primary School’s pupils are on the road to success from a very early age. There is an enriched curriculum and strong framework for the development of pupils.

As a parent you will have a continual and growing relationship with the school which will ensure you are always aware of your child’s progress. This continuity will result in a partnership which will best help your child be highly successful.