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Extra Curricular Activities

Curriculum Enrichment Activities

At East Lane Primary School children have the opportunity to participate in activities which enrich and enhance their learning. Enrichment activities involve visits, external speakers, after school clubs, projects and workshops. The aim of these is to equip all children with the cultural capital to succeed in life and engender in them an appreciation of human creativity, endeavour and achievement.  

Please see below for the weekly after school clubs that are currently being offered at ELPS:

Internally Run ELPS clubs Year Group

Maths Booster

Year 6

Reading Booster

Year 6
Cricket Club

Years 4, 5

Tag Rugby Club

Years 3, 4

Netball Club

Years 5, 6

Science Club

Years 1, 2, 3

Street Dance

Years 3, 4



Externally run clubs Year Group

Perform for School 

Years 1 - 6

Proactive Devlopment Multi Sport Club

Years 1 - 3

Proactive Devlopment Football Club

Years 3 - 6


Years 4, 5

Debate Mate

Years 5, 6

Creation Station

Years 1 - 6