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PE at Home: Week 14


Chicken Jacks

Chicken jacks

  • A Chicken Jack is a modified Jumping Jack that takes up less space. Start by standing with feet together. Bring your hands to your arm pits to make“chicken wings.”
  •  Jump up and move your legs apart, then jump and bring your legs together. As your legs move apart, your elbows move up and away from your body.
  • As your legs move together, your elbows move close to your sides. Repeat with elbows and legs moving apart, then together.
  • For lower intensity, instead of jumping, extend one leg to the side, touch your foot on the floor and repeat with the other leg instead of jumping.


Tuck Jumps

Tuck jumps

DOUBLE LEG (High Intensity)

  • Start by standing with knees bent.
  • As you jump straight up, lift both knees and bring them in toward your chest while trying to grab or touch them, then land and return to the starting position.

SINGLE LEG (Low Intensity)

  • Balance on your right leg and hold your left knee in toward your chest.
  • Let go of your left leg and quickly catch your right knee with both hands as your left leg lands on the ground.
  • Repeat, catching alternate knees in mid- air.

Video of the week:

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