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PE at Home: Week 10

Exercises of the week:

Body Rock-Paper-Scissors

See if you can contort your body into these different positions!

Pe week 10

Rock: Crouch low into a ball, touching hands to knees.

Paper: Stand straight, with your feet together and hands at your sides.

Scissors: Legs straddle shoulder-width apart and arms move away from your sides.

Next, add a jump into each movement. For example, two-foot jump into the “Rock” position, then jump to “Paper” and to “Scissors.” Key Phrase: “Jump – Rock, Jump – Paper, Jump – Scissors.”

Repeat R-P-S sequence. As a variation, find a partner and play active R-P-S. Partners start by facing one another. Both partners jump twice then, on the third jump, show rock, paper, or scissors. Play a best of three rounds, then find a new partner. Key Phrase to play: “Jump, jump, show.”

Chair Pose and Wall Sits

PE week 10 2

Start with feet shoulder-width apart and knees bent at 90° angles and arms bent at your sides. Your knees should be directly above your ankles. Pretend you are sitting on a chair.

While in “chair” position, press both arms straight above your head (both arms are straight above head) then return arms to a bent position by your sides.

To help strengthen the leg muscles, try to hold the “chair” position for the designated time or as long as possible (without pain).

 If there is space available, do the Wall Sit against a wall. For higher intensity make a "3-Legged Chair" by lifting one foot off the floor, balancing your weight on the other leg.


Videos of the week:

Sometimes sports being played even at the highest level show us it’s not always about winning. Watch the 400-metre final of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics featuring runner Derek Redmond and witness the support he receives from his father and fans alike when he is injured mid-race.

Click here to watch the full race. 

Click here to watch the commentary.