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PE at Home: Week 8

Exercise of the week: Long distance running


Here are some tips on how to run long distances (running of over 5 minutes)                    

  1. Eat and drink well before and after each run. Eat fruit about 20 minutes before your run to give you energy. Make sure you eat a big meal after your run too, it will help your body recover.
  2. Plan your run- Create a racetrack for yourself.  If you are at the park with your parents, pick out a tree close by that you will run to back and forth, or a playground you can run around (make sure to keep close to your parents and ensure they know where you are running!)
  3. Wear a PE kit. Make sure you have shoes that are in good condition and dress for the weather, you don’t want to overheat or get too cold when you run.
  4. Warm-up. For a warm-up you can simply walk and skip for a bit- anything that gets your mind and body ready for your long distance run.
  5. Pace yourself. If you are running for over 5 minutes, start off running slowly at a speed you can remain at for the entire run, don’t start too fast and lose your breath! Remember too- breathe through both your nose and mouth.
  6. Using a stopwatch, time yourself- An enjoyable thing about running is you are able to see your progress if you time how long it takes to complete your run. Then, try to beat your time on the next day. Every smartphone has a stopwatch app, so ask your parents to time you with their phones!
  7. Stretch, drink water and rest- When you have completed your run, you should definitely do a few stretches that you can remember from class- downward facing dog is a good one to stretch out your back as well as your calf muscles. Stretching minimises the muscle soreness you could have the next day. Make sure you drink water and rest too.
  8. Most importantly- listen to your body! Run at a pace where you are breathing hard but not to where you don’t feel well! Also, don’t run again until you feel like you are full of energy and your muscles are no longer sore. For long-distance running (running of over 5 minutes) I would recommend only doing one run per day.