Policies - East Lane Primary School
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Policies that apply to East Lane Primary School can be found below.

Some policies have been adopted across the Wembley Multi Academy Trust and apply to all schools within the Trust, including ELPS. These can be found here

Paper copies of the information on the website is available free of charge. Please email admin@whtc.co.uk with your request.


ELPS Specific Policies

ELPS Anti Bullying and Referral System 2017-18

ELPS Attendance Policy 2017-18

ELPS Behaviour Policy 2017-18

ELPS Code of Conduct Policy 2017-18

ELPS Exclusion Arrangements 2017-18

ELPS Homework Policy 2017-18

ELPS Home School Agreement Policy 2017-18

ELPS Marking and Feedback Policy 2017-18

ELPS Restraint Policy 2017-18

ELPS Trips and Daytime Off Site Visits Policy 2017-18

ELPS Uniform Policy 2017-18