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Extra Curricular Activities

Curriculum Enrichment Activities

During the last year alone, East Lane Primary School pupils had the opportunity to participate in many extra-curricular clubs and educational activities. We encourage students to set up their own clubs to support their individual interests. Examples of enrichment activities include:

  • Victoria and Albert Museum History Trip for Year 2
  • Kew Gardens Science and Geography trip for Year 4
  • Super Heroes Creative Writing Day for Year 1
  • Teddy Bears cultural food tasting picnic for Year 1
  • Phonics games theme day for Year 1
  • Reception class walk for road safety
  • Year 1 letter posting walk
  • Readathon book reading charity event for KS1 and 2 (week of reading activities culminating in famous characters fancy dress day)
  • Christmas Jumper Charity Fund Raising for KS1 and 2
  • Sports and Health Club for Year 2 and 4 (every lunchtime)
  • Let me play Club - Drama, Art, sport and games after school activities
  • Summer picnic for Reception pupils and their parents
  • Reception after school fund raising cake sale and toy swap for Grenfell Tower Charity
  • Year 2 and 4 fundraising event for charity
  • After School sports club for Year 4 (Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Year 2 weekly Homework Club
  • Year 4 weekly Homework Club
  • Year 2 Science experiments Group (Crest Awards)
  • Year 4 Science experiments Group (Crest Awards)
  • Year 2 and 4 extension writing Club (stories published in a book)
  • Year 4 Chess lunchtime club Christmas card posting Group (Year 4)
  • Peripatetic Music tuition is planned for 2017-18.