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Dear Reception,

We hope you are having a lovely week and you’ve all been working hard for your parents. Your teachers are all working to make some more lovely learning resources for you to work on at home and we will upload these on to the website each week.

For now, keep working hard on the packs of Literacy and Maths activities which you took home. Don’t forget to practise your phonics sounds, handwriting and reading every day. We will upload more activities on to the website in the coming weeks.

As well as your packs, it is important to practise the other subjects which we do in school. Here are some online activities which will also compliment your home learning for the other areas of the EYFS curriculum:

Physical Development:

Each day at 9am, follow this link to join the live Joe Wicks PE lesson, alternatively Click here


Each afternoon, follow this link where there will be a live phonics session led by Read Write Inc. Click here

Here are some fun phonics games and activities:

Monster Read

Phonics Play

Communication and Language:

Listen to some of these online story times. You can then do some activities about them such as:

-design a new book cover for the story

-write a review of the story

-make a fact file about a character in the story

-answer questions about the story

Story web site 1

Story web site 2

Story web site 3

Story web site 4

Story web site 5

Understanding of the World and Science

Here are some sites to help you to learn more about the world around us:

Science Week EYFS

Skype a Scientist


It is important to keep using your imagination and being creative. Take a look at some of these sites which have some awesome creative activities. When you’ve drawn or made something, try one of these activities:

-Write some instructions for someone else on how to make it

-write a story about what you’ve made

-write a letter to a friend to tell them what you have made.

-label your picture

See Our Art at Home Page for ideas

General learning:

Click here 

Recommended Reading:

Click here