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Dear Parents and Carers of Children at ELPS,

We appreciate that in these difficult times there are many things to consider whilst families are adjusting to their new routines at home. Whilst at ELPS we wish to continue to provide learning opportunities at home during this period, we entirely understand that the amount of work you ask your child to do is up to you. We appreciate that the children can't do everything that we would normally do in school, and we don’t expect that.

We want to assure you that no matter what your child completes at home, that when we do return to school, ELPS teachers will make sure that all children catch up.

These pages contain information for your children to work from at home from Monday 30th March 2020 till Friday 3rd April 2020.

Children have been already provided with paper copies of the work packs for this week. In the Year Group pages you will find specific guidelines from each year leader on how the children might complete this work, with some suggestions for a daily timetable. The year leaders have also provided other on-line resources which can be used this week.

There is also an Art at Home page which contains some activities to do each day. Exercise at home is also really important so please also check the PE at Home page.

We have also added a Useful web-sites page which has lots of links which will help your child to learn during the week. 

A Reminder:

-Always ensure parental controls are switched on when accessing websites. Children should always be supervised when accessing the Internet. For more details click here


If you have queries for the year leaders about the work this week then please email to Please be specific about the class that your child is in so that we can direct your enquiries to the relevant person.

Reception Class Enquiries to Ms. C Thompson

Year 1 Enquiries to Ms. A Hathi

Year 2 Enquiries to Ms. S Miller

Year 3 Enquiries to Ms. O Kumar

Year 4 and 5 Enquiries to Ms. E Duong


Have a lovely and safe week,

A G McDougall and the ELPS Staff.