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Pupil Resources

Pupil Resources to use at Home

The work is optional and depends on your own routines, requirements and facilities at home. We have tried to make it straightforward so that you can view the work on a lap top, tablet or smart phone, you don’t need to print it out. Work can be completed on paper or in exercise books.

The teachers have been preparing and saving work for your children on our web site. There is work now for every week since the 6th April up to this week. 

Year Leaders to contact:

Reception Class enquiries to Ms. C Thompson

Year 1 enquiries to Ms. A Hathi,

Year 2 enquiries to Ms. S Miller,

Year 3 enquiries to Ms. O Kumar,

Year 4 and 5 enquiries to Ms. E Duong. or

Staying Safe Online

Your children may be spending more time online and it’s important that they remain safe online. Always ensure parental controls are switched on when accessing websites. Children should always be supervised when accessing the Internet. For further details, click here or check the Online Safety Information section on our web site.

What happens if your child doesn’t complete work?

Please don’t worry if your child does not complete all (or any) of this work, we will make every effort to make sure that all children catch up once the Government decides it’s safe for us to return to school.