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COVID-19 Home Learning

During this year, we are aware that many pupils have had to self-isolate due to COVID-19. This has sometimes just been a day or two, but in some cases has been much longer.

How much work should your child do at home?

All children have access to MS Teams and we would expect all children in years 1 to 6 to spend at least 3 hours per day on their learning (See table below). For children in year 6 who are taking their KS2 SATs (statutory tests) this summer, we expect them to do more than this. 

Key Stage                        Number of hours per day
EYFS (Reception)  Up to 3 hours
Key Stage 1 3 hours or more
Key Stage 2 4 hours or more


Where is home learning provided?

All work for pupils is provided through MS Teams. In many cases, teachers will run live lessons if the whole class is isolating. Teachers will send further details via MS Teams if you have to self-isolate. 

Please click here for a guide to accessing lesson materials on MS Teams.

What work can your child do at home?

In addition to the regular work provided by your child's teacher, your child can access online learning platforms. You should ensure that they use these platforms effectively so that they help your child to learn. In addition, teachers may have provided your child with other learning materials such as independent revision materials. 

The school has also invested in accessing online learning platforms. All children in years 1 - 6 should have access to the following:

If you have misplaced your child's log in details, please contact the school at and we will be able to help.