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PE at Home: Week 15

Exercises of the Week: 

The Rocking Horse

Horse jacks

Select the left or right knee as your lead leg. If you select your right knee as your lead, hop twice on your left foot and drive your right knee forward and upward. 

Make sure the knee is bent at close to a 90° angle. 

Next, hop twice on the right foot and immediately swing the left knee backward, with the knee again bent at close to a 90° angle. 

Repeat the hopping sequence is repeated with the right knee rocking upward and forward, then the left knee rocking downward and back. 

Switch your lead leg to the left and repeat the sequence. 

Key Phrase: “Right knee up, left knee back.” Hop twice at “right knee up,” hop twice at “left knee back.” 

Box Hops

Box hops

Start by standing with your feet side by side before two-foot jumping in the shape of a box. 

Start at the top right corner of the “box” and hop sideways to the front left corner. 

Then jump backward to the left back corner and then sideways to the right back corner. 

Finally, complete the Box Hop sequence by hopping forward back to the top right corner. 

As a variation, hop on one foot to each corner of the box. 

Video of the week:

Click here to watch Usain Bolt’s historic run in the 200 metre final of the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games (make sure you watch the electric ovation he receives from the fans when he is introduced too!)