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Year 1: Summer Holiday Work

Work for Year 1 Pupils for Summer Holiday

Summer Holiday Homework  


Task 1

Create your own acrostic poem using one of the proformas provided.

Acrostic Sheets: Click here   

 Task 2

Choose from some of the following activities if you wish:

Colouring Sheets: Click here

Wordsearch: Click here

Craft Activity: Click here

Task 3

Complete the comprehension activity about the Wimbledon. You only need to complete one set of questions. Answers have been provided.

Comprehension: Click here

Task 4


Complete the maths challenge cards if you wish.

Challenge cards: Click here

Colour-by-Number: Click here

Task 5

Handwriting sheets are available below to practise your letter formation:

Handwriting practice: Click here

Task 6

Revise and recap the Year 1 Common Exception Words. You must know how to spell these words in your writing. Practise spelling each of the words. You must also be able to read them.

Also included are the Year 2 Common Exception Words. Read through these and begin to become familiar with the spelling and pronunciation of them.

Year 1 and 2 Common Exception Words: Click here