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Year 3: Summer Holiday Work 2020

Dear Year 3 pupils,

As this Summer Term draws to a close, we can reflect on the situation that has unfolded since the pandemic begin. Who would have thought that this Term would happen entirely remotely? It has been a challenging time for everyone. But is has been history in the making. And we can be sure that the current state of uncertainty will lift, life will gradually return to a new normal.

I would like to praise each one of you for your perseverance, resilience and enthusiasm in these unprecedented times. For all of you this period of time has been uniquely challenging, and I am full of admiration for the way you all have adopted and coped.

It leaves me just to wish you all a very good summer holiday and we look forward to seeing you all in September.

Best Wishes,

Ms Kumar and Year 3 Team.

Below is the summer holiday work, complete as many tasks as possible.


To create an imaginary school.

Click here: to download the information pack


Design your own maths board game. 

Click here: to download the information pack.

Click here: to complete the maths challenge if you wish. 

Lockdown Memories

Click here: to download the pack.




Keep up with your daily reading.

Revise and recap the Year 3 and 4 common Exceptional words. Read and practice spelling them.

Click here: to download the words.

Useful Websites

Use the following websites should you wish to continue with Year 3 learning.

National Oak Academy

BBC Bitesize