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Year 2: W/c 6.7.20

Work for Year 2 Pupils for week commencing 6.07.20

Dear Year 2 Pupils,

Below are some activities to have a go at. There will be no videos for the remainder of the lessons. Try to do as much as you can and as always, continue reading lots and lots.

Parents, should you wish to contact me directly (Ms Miller) please use the following email: - If you have any queries, please do get in touch.

Stay safe and keep working hard.

From Ms Miller and the Year 2 Team

Week beginning 6.07.20


Lesson 1

Silent reading/reading aloud to someone in your house – remember to fill in your reading records

Read Wild Wheels on Oxford Owl and answer the comprehension questions titled ‘Lesson 1 Comprehension Activity’: Click here and click here for the answers.

Lesson 2

Check the details of the activity booklet: Click here

Summary: this is an English activity booklet with some comprehension tasks and grammar activities. Do as much as you can, or just select the pages you wish to complete.  

This will take you more than one session to complete.

Answers: Click here

Lesson 3

You must be able to read and spell the Year 2 Common Exception Words. Have a go at these wordsearches and then see if you can write a sentence using each of the words.

Wordsearch 1: Click here

Wordsearch 2: Click here

Week beginning 6.07.20


Lesson 1

Complete 15 mental maths questions as quick as you can.


Activity Sheet: Click here

Lesson 2

Mini at home maths investigations


Activity Sheet: Click here

Lesson 3

Write down as many number sentences as possible, using only addition and subtraction, to make the number 26.


Activity Sheet: Click here

Lesson 4

Are you a maths whizz? There are three challenge cards to attempt and complete.


Activity Sheet: Click here

Lesson 5

A maths puzzle to solve using a special number square.


Activity Sheet: Click here


To learn about Tubman and Schindler: Click here


To revise the countries in Europe and their flags: Click here


To look at recipes and consolidate previous learning: Click here 

Parent Help Sheet: Click here