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PE at Home: Week 13

Exercises of the week

Bell Hops

Bell hops

  • Stand with your feet together and knees slightly bent.
  • Do a two-foot jump forward while simultaneously swinging your arms forward.
  • Then do a two-foot jump backward, simultaneously swinging your arms backward. Swinging the arms forward and backward as you jump helps to propel the body forward and backward.
  • For higher intensity, Bell Hop with one foot. For variation, place a skipping rope on the floor or find a line to jump forward and backward over. You can also add a double jump forward then a double jump backward.

Leap Frog on the Spot

Leap frogs

  • Bend forward at the hips with knees slightly bent, touching hands to the ground or to the toes.
  • Push off the ground with your hands and simultaneously jump upward on the spot (maintaining the bend at hips). Repeat.
  • For larger spaces, you can find a partner. One partner kneels, while the next person in line leap frogs over him or her.
  • For lower intensity, place feet slightly apart with knees bent and hands placed on the thighs. Two-foot leap upward by straightening knees and pushing off the thighs. Land on the same spot. Place your hands back on thighs ready to leap again on the spot.

Video of the week:

Click here to watch this great video by American Football Legend Mia Hamm on how to curve the football like her when you pass and shoot .

This is a great skill to practice- it helps you bend the ball around your opponents. Next time you visit a park with a parent or sibling bring a ball and try it out! Also, be sure to practice passing the football with both your feet, don’t rely on just on your dominant foot!