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PE at Home: Week 12

Video of the week:

Practicing your dribbling skills in football is a great skill you can practice if you are alone. Click here to watch a video on some awesome dribbling highlights from the professionals plus two major dribbling exercises you can work on- nudging and cutting. Remember to practice with both your feet, not just your dominant foot!


Exercises of the week:

Swinging Leg Lifts

  • Stand, then hop on your right foot as you swing your left leg to the side.
  •  As the left leg comes back to the centre, hop on your left foot and swing your right leg out to the side.
  • For lower intensity, instead of jumping, swing one leg to the side instead of jumping, and then stand on both feet before swinging the other leg to the side.

+ Plus Sign Hops


  • Stand with feet together at the “centre.” Hop to a straddle so feet are shoulder width apart. Hop back to the centre with feet together.
  • Then right scissor hop (i.e., right foot is forward and left foot is back). Return feet back together at the centre. Repeat the sequence but using a left scissor hop instead of the right.
  • Alternate right and left scissor hops with each new sequence.
  • Key Phrase: “Centre-Straddle-Centre-Right Scissor.” Repeat: “Centre-Straddle-Centre-Left Scissor.”