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KS1 Science at Home: Week 6

Key Stage 1 Experiment of the Week! 

Dancing Hearts

Dancing hearts

How does it work?

The carbon dioxide picks the candy hearts up and throws them to the top of the glass. When they reach the top, the bubbles burst and the hearts work their way down again.

If you want to watch how the experiment is done, click here.

Materials you need

  • 12 ounce drinking glass
  • 8 oz of 7-up or Sprite
  • 12 candy conversation hearts


1. Fill drinking glass with the soda

2. Drop all the conversation hearts into the soda

3. Observe the hearts dance up and down in the soda.

Questions to think about

1. Try doing several glasses, but in each glass have only one colour of hearts inside. Does one colour of heart do better than others? If so, why could that be?

2. Try using several different types of soda (ex. Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Coke, etc.). Which soda works the best?

3.Try using diet soda versus regular soda. Which soda works the best?

Some research for next week: How can ink disappear?! Get planning a secret message to write for next week’s experiment.

We will answer this question with next week’s science experiment!