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KS1 Science at Home: Week 4

Key Stage 1 Experiment of the Week! – Marble Gift Wrap


How does it work?

In chemistry, absorption is a chemical or physical process where one substance takes in another substance. In this experiment, the shaving cream is absorbing the food colouring and the computer paper then absorbs the colours. This means, we get multi-coloured gift wrap paper.

If you want to watch how the experiment is done, click here

Materials you need

  • computer paper
  • shaving cream
  • food colouring
  • spoon, fork
  • shallow pan, large enough for your paper
  • paper towels


1. Using a spoon, spread a thin layer of shaving cream in the bottom of the pan.

2. All you need is a shallow coating.

  1. Dot the surface of the shaving cream with food colouring.

3. Run the prongs of a fork through the colours in a wavy fashion. Try not swirling your colours or else they will run together.

4. Lay your paper on top of the coloured layer in the pan. Smooth the paper out over the shaving cream.

5. Wait thirty seconds.

6. Remove the paper and wipe the shaving cream off with a dry paper towel. If you do this carefully, none of your colours will run or be distorted.


7. Allow your paper to dry. If it curls, you can have an adult iron it flat using low heat.


8. Now you can wrap your holiday gifts or birthday gifts with your own decorated wrapping paper.

Questions to think about

1. Try using scented shaving cream and see how it effects the end result. Was the paper able to absorb not only the colour, but the smell as well?

2. What happens if you swirl your colours together in the pan? What colour or colours will your paper end up being?

3. What happens with the end result, if you use notebook paper instead of computer paper? Did it work? Does it absorb the colours better or worse?

Some research for next week: What is a saturated solution?

We will answer this question with next week’s science experiment!