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Year 1: w/c 11.5.20

Work for Year 1 Pupils for week commencing 11.05.20

Dear Year 1 Pupils,

Well done for the work you have completed at home so far. Do not worry if you cannot complete all of the work but please do ensure that you are practising your reading, phonics and maths every day where possible. Please work within your own schedule and at your own pace and ensure you have regular breaks. Try to include other subjects and our weekly Year 1 Challenge from our Daily Activities section.

Happy learning!

From Ms. Hathi and the Year 1 Team.

A Reminder to parents: Always ensure parental controls are switched on when accessing websites. Children should always be supervised when accessing the Internet. For more details click here or check the Online Safety Information section on our website.

Here are the details for your learning this week.

All of the worksheets are labelled (see the codes below e.g. 1EN16) and are all in this zip file: Click here so that you can download them all at once.  

Alternatively click each activity below to download individually.



Phonics: Practise the ‘th’ sound with worksheet


Spelling: Learn and practise spellings with the ‘y’ ending with worksheet


Phonics: Practise the ‘th’ sound with activity sheet


Phonics: Practise the ‘th’ sound with the word wheel


Reading: Practise your reading skills and test your comprehension of The Zoo Vet story. Choose your level (1 star = easier, 3 stars = more difficult) or have a go at all three versions.


Creative Writing: Learn and practise using Fantasy Story vocabulary to help prepare you for the writing tasks in the coming weeks.


Creative Writing: Learn and practise using Fantasy Story vocabulary by completing the tasks to help prepare you for the writing tasks in the coming weeks.


Practise reading for 20 minutes at least once a day using the e-books

Oxford Owl e-books for age 5-6      Oxford Owl e-books for age 6-7


Phonics: See the schedule for different sounds to practise with the Ruth Miskin Training YouTube videos. Highly recommended.



Fractions – This week we are reviewing our learning about halves, quarters, sharing and grouping. Work through the Home Learning Activities.


Fractions – Work through the Sharing and Grouping Guided Practice.


Fractions – Work through the Sharing and Grouping Independent Practice.


Fractions – Work through the Challenges.


Use Mathletics to practise Arithmetic fluency.

SUBJECT LEARNING - Choose your subject learning by choosing some or all of the learning here


SCIENCE - Practise using scientific questions about invertebrates and carry out an investigation into what snails eat. 



ART - Learn about famous sculptures that can be found in London and complete the tasks and activities. Create a cardboard ferris wheel and paper spinners.



GEOGRAPHY - Learn about Northern Ireland, one of the countries in the United Kingdom. Complete reading skills activities, make a paper shamrock and try out some Irish dancing!

Story Time

Story Time – Listen to Year 1 Teacher Ms M reading The Wonder Story Time - The Wonder and Aliens Love Underpants Story Time - Aliens Love Underpants

Daily Lessons

BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons – 20 minute lessons in a range of subjects to support home learning BBC Bitesize Daily Lessons Year 1

CREATIVITY, MINDFULNESS and KEEPING FIT – Choose your creative learning by choosing some or all of the activities here

Year 1 Weekly Challenge - Design and make a tree of thanks using twigs, or materials from your recycling box, such as cereal boxes, toilet roll tubes, plastic bottles, etc. Write all the things you are thankful for and hang them on your tree. Take a photo of your tree of thanks to share with your classmates when we return to school.

Mindfulness – Write an A – Z of all the things that make you happy.

Mindfulness – Make music from pots, pans and wooden spoons.

Mindfulness – Make a treasure map of your house or garden and hide objects for others to find.

Mindfulness and Keeping Fit – Cosmic Yoga Cosmic Kids Yoga

Keeping Fit - Joe Wicks Morning Exercises  The Body Coach Morning Exercises


Our children have more than enough learning to be getting on with. However, should you wish to supplement this further, need a change of focus or ideas for activities, please see the document we have compiled listing additional home learning resources should you wish to explore them. 1LINKS