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PE at Home Week 6

Exercise of the week: The Plank Pose

The plank is a great exercise to strengthen the endurance of your shoulders and abdomen muscles, increasing your athletic ability in all sports.

PE Press

For those of you interested in doing traditional pushups, you should master the plank first.

Time yourself, see if you can hold the plank pose for at least 15 seconds.

For step by step instructions click here:  

Top tip: if you are going to do the plank pose from your elbows make sure you put something soft underneath them like a blanket.

Game of the Week: Squats and Basketball Shots

What you need: An empty bin (or a clothes basket), and a small ball (or a rolled up ball of socks)

The goal of this game is to make three shots on your basketball net (the bin) with your ball from distances of 3 feet, 6 feet and 9 feet away.

How to play:

Stand 3 feet from your basket, and get ready to shoot your ball into your bin. Before you can shoot you must complete 5 squats (See PE Week 2 for Squats).

If you don’t make the shot, retrieve your ball and go back to your spot 3 feet away and do another 5 squats and shoot again. Once you shoot your ball into the basket, move back to six feet (another three feet away from your bin) and do 5 squats and shoot from the new distance. Once you make a shot from 3 feet, 6 feet, and 9 feet you have completed the game!

Remember, 5 squats before every shot!

For a visual demonstration click here

You can play this game with a family member or you can time yourself and try to beat your own record.