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PE at Home: Week 5

Exercises of the week: Arm Rotations and Malasana Pose

Arm Rotations

Featured extensively on Joe the Body Coach’s program, Arm Rotations are a great way to activate your upper body and strengthen your shoulder endurance as well.

Click here for a video on the proper technique for an arm rotation:

Malasana Pose (Garland Pose)

Doing the Malasana pose for a few minutes a day opens your hips & groin, stretches your ankles, hamstrings, back and neck. It also aids in digestion and keeps your pelvic and hip joints healthy. Great for parents too!

Maslasana Pose
Click here to see more how to get started with the Malasana pose.

Game of the Week: Rock-Paper-Scissors, Star Jumps!

Play the age old game rock, paper, scissors against a partner. To make things fair use the rhythm '1-2-3 shoot', so each person plays at the same speed!

Each time someone loses, they have to do 10 Star Jumps! Keep track- the first person to make the other do 100 star jumps wins!