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PE at Home: Week 4

Exercise of the week: The Inchworm

The inchworm is a great exercise to warm up the entire body. It strengthens your arms, chest, upper back, lower back and abs and increases your balance and stability.

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Game of the week: Mirroring

Just as we did in PE, this game starts with 2-5 people standing and facing each other in a circle. One person is the leader, and the rest are followers. The leader will make slow athletic movements with their body and the followers will try to copy (mirror) the leader’s movements with the same movements at the same time. You can do this with people who are at home.


PE Mirroring


Take turns allowing each person who is playing to be the leader. Then, as a group, perform your mirroring in front of someone else and have them try to guess who the leader is!

Tips for good mirroring:

-if you are a leader, move slowly and confidently

-Don’t forget to get your legs and torso involved in your movements, not just your arms

-Change the level of your head (full height- standing up, medium height- ducking, low height- head near the floor)

-Make it fun- work together so your group all moves identically and no one can guess the leader!