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PE at Home: Week 2

Week Commencing 30.3.20

Try some of these every day to improve your fitness and to learn new skills.

Exercise of the week: the Squat

1. Place your feet hip slightly wider than hip width apart.  Turning your feet out slightly will open up your hips and allow you to squat lower.


2. Lift your toes up. Your body weight should rest in your heels as you sit back


3. Sit back like you are going to sit in a low chair. Most people don’t distribute their weight back far enough. To train yourself, you can squat down onto a low chair or a box


4. Notice the arch in your lower back. Keep your lower abdominals pulled in and up


5. Keep your lower abdominals pulled in, push your heels to ground and stand up with your legs and exhale


Breathing: Inhale as you squat down and exhale as you return to standing


Dance of the Week: Happy

Just Dance YouTube videos are great to practice your dance, movement and mirroring skills. Just as we have in class during our dance unit, follow along with these intricate dance routines and great tunes.

Happy by Pharrell Williams: Click here 

Yoga Exercises

For students and parents alike, Yoga combines breathing techniques, exercise and meditation together. It has been shown to improve both mental and physical health.

Cosmic Kids Yoga offers Yoga videos for all ages, from simple introductory stretches and breathing techniques, to epic stories and adventures that are channelled through different Yoga movements.

5-20 minute introductory videos: Click here 

Story and Adventure Yoga:

Frozen: Click here 

The Wizard of Oz: Click here 

Space and Dogs: Click here 

Game of the Week: Keep ups!

Try to keep a ball in the air by using your feet, thighs, and knees. Every time you touch the ball in the air with your body part, you get a point.

What you need: a football ball or a similar sized ball

To learn how to keep up the ball, follow these amazing steps: Click here